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COPUS - Creation Of Peace Under Stars
Rap/Jazz/Fusion for the discerning listener.



It's here!  "We All Bleed Red (Steady for Justice)"!!!  Available on iTunes.


Produced by GRAMMY-nominee YARON FUCHS, we are very excited to share this anthem for our time.  It's about justice.  It's about our common humanity.  It's about us all being unique.

Here are some testimonials from this year's GRAMMY voters ...

“'We All Bleed Red (Steady for Justice)’ sounds great!  Got it on my list for best rap song.  Nice groove!”

"What an exciting melange of styles you guys are! And great message."

“Thank you for sharing. It's a very poignant song and definitely in touch with today's environment. Very Nice Job and on my list.” 

“Thanks so much for sharing your song with me.  It is very good (& very timely!).  All the best!”

“Love ‘Steady for Justice.’”

“Listened to your song. It has a great message. I love the beat and the vocals. I will add it to my list.”

"Stunning track, powerful message from an awesome band. Love it!"

“Wow, that's an amazing song and amazing production. Fantastic job!”

“Wonderful job on an important topic!”


COPUS CD "Aspects" was on the official 2017 GRAMMY ballot for 'best spoken word album'.

Artist: Stevinski Brewster 


MORE COPUS highlights ...

COPUS is Spotlighted on The Jazz Network Worldwide - check it out!






COPUS launched the first monthly "Poets & Composers Salon" house concert in January 2014 and it was an instant success - replete with conscious poets, singer/songwriters, Phoenix Rising, COPUS … along with intelligent conversation, yummy nosh, and great ambience.  

"I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to have experienced this evening.  Wow. Great talent in a warm and intimate atmosphere.  Music from the heart.  Thank you for sharing your home!" ~comment from January 30th Salon.

"COPUS is better and deeper than ever, enriching the top of every chart that I keep track of and at the groundswell of every movement that counts."  ~Leslie Simon

“Well, listen, I have seen a lot of great shows.  I have seen few where the level of rapport, precise musicianship swing, space, and lyric delivery are even close to as excellent as what you have put together.  Each of your individual abilities and the blend between you. It was so complex, yet organized. And add in Royal's transformational lyrics & delivery. It was really something.”  ~Ron Wolf



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