COPUS to “Spar with Beatnik Ghosts”

COPUS is a San Francisco-based spoken word/music ensemble that presents conscious lyrics and beautiful melodies for the intelligent listener. Formed by renowned poet Royal Kent and ASCAP award-winning composer Wendy Loomis, the group has expanded to include flutist Monica Williams, bassist Patrick Mahon, drummer Greg McRay, and percussionist Clark Taylor. COPUS has performed at clubs, theaters, and festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, and Western Massachusetts. The group has released CD “Later Than You Think”, single ‘The Fool”, trilogy “Jah Provide” and is currently working on their next full-length recording. COPUS just released its video single “Haves & Have Nots” as a tribute to the strength of the 99%. “COPUS could become legendary if given the opportunity to thrive!” -Michael Allison,

In addition to the Sparring, there will be a release party for Christopher Felver's new book with 30 or more of his portraits of iconic American musicians from jazz, rock, folk and country on exhibit. Felver is an internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker who will be giving a live presentation and book signing at the event.