Taking Copus To The World!

Light Warriors,

We're on a mission. You can help should you choose to accept. Our mission is to take COPUS to the world. COPUS is code for "Creation Of Peace Under Stars".  Can the world use some of that? Are you down? Okay. We knew you were the one for the job.  Oh, your reward? We'll hook you up with freebies ... downloads, guest tickets, merchandise and autographed CD's. That's right, the latest tracks from COPUS are dropping Spring 2011. In the meantime, we're releasing the title track entitled "COPUS To The World" this December. Can we count you in?

Step 1: Plug your email address in our custom widget. No worries, we don't spam. Your info is safe.

Step 2: We'll send you details and updates on the status of the mission periodically.

Step 3: Enjoy your freebies and breathe easy. You've just saved the world!