When In Rome...

The contest, entitled "Hard Rock Rising", is a great shot for COPUS so we'regonna need your VOTE. In exchange we're offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of our most popular, professionally recorded and mastered track entitled "The Fool".  You are certain to enjoy listening & love it being added to your treasured music collection.

But wait, that's not all. Hard Rock Cafe is offering a free vacation. All you are required to do to enter is show up at any Hard Rock Cafe between today and February 17th, and check in with your smartphone. Plus, when you do, your vote for COPUS is tripled!

So, your vote not only gets you a free download, but also a chance to win a FREE trip to beautiful Cancun, Mexico. We look out for our FRIENDS & FANS!

Deadline is February 17, 2014

In this to win,

Royal Kent - Poet/Vocals
Wendy Loomis - Composer/Pianist
Monica Williams - Flutes
Patrick Mahon - Bass
Greg McRay - Drums