Workers Of The World

SATURDAY, MAY 1st – 8:00pm - ROOTS & CULTURE MAY DAY EVENT Shelton Studio, Pier 26 @ The Embarcadero, SF In many countries, May 1st is known as International Workers’ Day consisting of political demonstrations and celebrations recognizing the economic and social achievements of workers. In Kenya, for example, people celebrate Labour Day which had its roots in the ‘8-hour day movement’ advocating 8 hours of work, 8 hours of relaxation, and 8 hours of rest. The earliest known May Day gatherings were found in many northern European countries with pagan festivals such as Walpurgis Night (named after the female Saint Walpurga) where bonfires, feasting, dancing, and music drove away the memories of a long winter. Here in modern day San Francisco, Copus Music and Special Guests have joined up to create a May Day event that promises to shake loose all the dampness from the wintry rain and economic struggles – lifting the spirits of the people in a way only music, dancing, poetry at a cool private location can do! COPUS has added the dynamic percussion playing of Omar to round out the power ensemble, so come check out the new sound and video additions. Special guests include Shelton Studio actors and poet Timothy Trygg will also perform. The event will be hosted by Matt Shelton.

Refreshments Refreshments Refresments Refreshments We have kept the sliding scale wide, so there is no excuse not to come and celebrate with recession bustors COPUS! Tickets: $2-20 suggested contribution (at the door) Transportation: MUNI (L, T lines) – easy 280 + 101 access # # #