We All Bleed Red

"We all bleed red although we're all unique". A track you'll want in your music library, for sure!


The latest creations of COPUS including the Hollywood Music Award-nominated track "Haves & Have Nots" and one special cover of Jimi Hendrix's "1983 A Merman I Should Turn to Be".  Creative talents of flutist Monica Williams, bassist Patrick Mahon, drummer Greg McRay and guest artists percussionists Omar Clark Taylor, Martyn 'the Profess' Smith, and singer Barbara Jaspersen.  Rockin'!

Jah Provide
(3-song DIGITAL CD)

Rhythm-driven reggae trilogy that will have you dancing!

Later Than You Think
(Full CD)

Debut COPUS CD featuring co-founders poet Royal Kent and composer Wendy Loomis with the musical talents of flutist Elinor von Ommen, drummer Bennie Murray, percussionist/producer elJohn, and cellist Beth Snellings.  Classic!

Blank Writing Journal

Grab this decorative writing journal and get those impactful words down on paper! Cover design by Ramu.

COPUS Tote Bag

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