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COPUS: We All Bleed Red

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RECORDED at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, by Will Chason
MIXED at Hit Focus, NY

Wendy Loomis (composer/pianist/co-founder)
Royal Kent (poet/spoken word artist/co-founder)
Patrick Mahon (bassist)
Amorelle Applin (singer)

Guest artists: Robbie Hammett (drummer); Vito Gregoli (guitarist)
Original painting: Kemet (Cafe International, SF, CA)
Photographers: Jozef Pupava & Nigel Jones
Graphic design: Nickolas Schuller

We All Bleed Red (Steady For Justice)
Steady for justice
Ready for peace
We all bleed red
Although we're all unique
Why is it so wrong to
Help a man get on his feet
Everybody needs shelter
Everyone must eat
Liberal, conservative, independent
Immigrant and refugee
While we're steady for justice
Ready for peace
Steady for justice
Ready for peace
It's all been said
Without being oblique
The laws of the universe
Are nice and neat
To lift people up from the bottom of the heap
Takes more than 140 characters
Of a tweet or policies that
Prey upon the poor and week
This is not fake news only real I speak
Saying we're ready for justice
Ready for peace
Steady for justice
Ready for peace
Every word you say is being critiqued
Nominated, inaugurated
You've given a speech
Many people are saying resign or impeach
Women around the world
Take to the street cause justice
Sits high and firmly in her seat
At the end of the day
Still I beseech
Get up, stand up!
Stand up on your feet
Electoral victory
Popular defeat
Campaign promises are obsolete
Why not
Stand up for justice
Stand up for world peace
Steady for justice
Ready for peace
How many children
Are there to teach
To lend to their natural mystique
Those with eyes to see
Is who I'm trying to reach
Those with ears to hear
Let me repeat
We all bleed red
But we're all unique
White, black, brown, red, yellow
Purple or peach
We're all ready for justice
Ready for peace
© 2017 Royal Kent (lyrics)
© 2017 Wendy Loomis (music)